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About Us

We create visual effects for movies, advertising, TV series.

BLUE PILL  is a Milan-based studio of VFX artists and passionate filmmakers with high-end international experience,
known for crafting high quality visual effects for film, TV shows and commercials.
We are experts on VFX, Supervision and Direction but what we will really do is solving your problems.
We are the team you need if you are looking for someone to treat your project with incredible passion.

BLUE PILL is a very dinamic visual effects facility supporting to a film’s making from script analysis to color correction.
We offer a wide range of previsualization services including animatics and storyboards, but mostly set supervision, compositing, matte painting, motion graphic and of course 3D (from modeling to animation, lighting and rendering) and simulation / rendering of FX (particles, fluids, clothes) which is one of our strong suit.

Who we are

Chiara Feriani

VFX Supervisor, 3D Artist, Compositor, Director

Born in Padova, after obtaining a degree in Anthropology at University of Padova and a master degree in computer animation in Rome, she moves to Milan. Here works full time, for more than ten years, in visual effects industry for movies and advertisements collaborating mainly with postproduction company EDI (Effetti Digitali Italiani). In 2014, after working on the visual effects of several italian and international film and commercials, she starts freelancing as a director for advertising and independent music videos, focusing mainly on directing for postproduction. In 2017 she moves to Montreal (Canada) to works at MPC for Rupert Sanders blockbuster's movie ``Ghost in The Shell``. She is Air3 Director member.

Mauro Moretti

VFX Supervisor, 3D artist, Compositor

Born in Udine, at age of 18 he moved to Milan to study at IED. After his degree, he started working in the postproduction company EDI (Effetti Digitali Italiani), where he stayed for nine years, working at the most important italian commercials and featured films. Specializing in 3D Fx (particles, fluids, smoke, fire, clouds, cloth, etc) he moved to Canada to work at MR.X Inc. at Anderson’s movie “Pompei”, where for more than a year he created fumes and lava from the volcano. Back to Milan, for two years he worked for the most important italian postproduction companies before becoming a cofounder of Bluepill.

Roberto D'Ippolito

VFX Supervisor, Compositor, Director

Born in Arezzo, after his Master degree in “Digital Entertainment” in Torino (2006), he started working immediately in some italians VFX Companies as Digital Artist. Soon he moved to Toronto to start working (as digital artist) on great movies at MR.X Inc. He has worked in an handful of Blockbuster movies (Robocop 2014, Fast & Furiuos, Scott Pilgrim vs. The world) and great TV Shows (Game Of Thrones, Vikings, The Strain). His career led him to work (and live) not only in Italy and Canada but also in Germany, Ireland and Belgium. Between 2015 and 2017 Roberto worked as VFX Supervisor on set for the TV show “The Strain” (written and produced by Guillermo Del Toro). He is Air3 director member.